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Spare parts

Overhaul and maintenance of your pump is important. For this you sometimes also need new pump parts. You may not always think about this when your pump is running properly. But in the absence of control and maintenance, the pump can malfunction and this of course has consequences for your process.

You sometimes need spare parts for maintenance and overhaul of the pump. Whether you need a single O-ring, impeller or complete pump part, IPG is the supplier for your pump parts. Due to strong relationships with many manufacturers, the Industrial Pump Group Netherlands can provide you with parts for various brands.

Wearing pump parts

Unfortunately, wear and tear on your pump parts is unavoidable. However, one part wears out faster than the other. How quickly a part wears out is different for every pump, this has to do with the liquid you are pumping, among other things.

We have listed a selection of the most wearing parts for you:

Mechanical seal or shaft seal

Mechanical seal, also known as the shaft seal, prevents the pumped medium from reaching the motor. The mechanical seal consists of 2 parts: a rotating part and a stationary part. Sometimes a pump is equipped with a stuffing box packing instead of a mechanical seal.


The impeller is the rotating element in, among other things, a centrifugal pump, which ensures that the medium is pumped by means of the rotating movement. This part can wear due to, among other things, cavitation or a (too) aggressive medium. There are various types of impellers, such as a vortex impeller.


The mechanical part of the pump in which the shaft rotates. The bearings can run in.

O-rings and gaskets

These parts can consist of various sizes and materials and ensure a seal. An O-ring and gasket is often easy to install. These parts do not wear out, but are replaced on advice when you replace another part.

Pump parts for your pump

So many pumps, so many parts. But which part is needed? The experts of the Industrial Pump Group are happy to take a look with you. When a part is required, IPG can always help you with a parts drawing and parts list. If this does not give a clear picture, you can always contact us. Based on the available data and any photos, it is determined which parts are required. Need direct advice or pump parts? Please contact us using the form below.



The diversity in the types of pumps is enormous. The aforementioned specialists from the IPG overhaul team have sufficient knowledge, resources and strong relationships with various pump brands to overhaul a large number of different types of pumps. IPG overhauls centrifugal, multistage, split case, progressive cavity pumps and perhaps your pump soon?

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