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Founded in 1946, the German company Homa has been producing submersible pumps for various applications for many years. These submersible pumps are of high quality and can be used in the agricultural sector, (chemical) industry and even in shipping.

The submersible pumps that are produced vary from large to small. They have pumps that you can use at home, but also pumps for industry.

All these pumps are produced according to ISO9001 certification and are therefore of very high quality. Homa pumps are used and sold all over the world. The pump systems therefore also comply with all international production and safety standards.

Homa series

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Homa Serie


The Homa TP series consists of pumps with a closed single-channel impeller and a free passage. This is extremely suitable for pumping waste water, waste water and sludge. The pump is made of cast iron.

Homa Serie


The Homa GRP submersible pump is very suitable for pumping waste water and faeces. The built-in cutting mechanism ensures that the solid parts are cut. This prevents the pump and discharge pipe from becoming clogged.

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Long lifespan

Homa produces pumps of the highest possible quality, efficiency and reliability. Due to these points, the submersible pump has a long service life. In addition, the German manufacturer pays attention to the environmentally friendly production of the pumps and the sustainability of the product.


Submersible pumps produced by Homa are also available as an ATEX pump. If a pump has to be used in an area where there is a risk of explosion, an ATEX certified pump is mandatory. Homa takes into account these ATEX guidelines with specific types of pumps.


Homa pumps are used all over the world, the pumps have already been used in more than 100 countries for small and large projects in various applications. This is partly because the pumps comply with international guidelines and requirements. These high standards ensure continuous development of new and improved pump models.

Various benefits


Homa submersible pumps are robust and reliable pumps suitable for various applications, including wastewater treatment, sewage treatment and industrial processes. The brand has a wide range of pumps with different capacities and technologies to meet different needs.

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