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hygienic pumps

Pumps for pharmaceutical application

Most hygienic pumps are used in the pharmaceutical industry, as they are subject to very strict hygiene and quality standards. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical pumps are faced with very strict hygiene and quality requirements for components - especially in terms of maintenance and cleaning. One such agency that enforces standards in the United States is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the FDA sets standards for pump materials, the quality of the lubricants used to lubricate pumps, and more. In Europe, the requirements are set by the EHEDG.

Why hygiene is crucial with pharmaceutical pumps

Hygiene is an important factor in the pharmaceutical industry and plays a vital role in the production and processing of medicines. Pharmaceutical pumps are an important part of this process and it is therefore very important that these pumps are designed and used hygienically. Poor hygiene can not only lead to contamination of the medicines, but also to health problems for the patient.

There are several reasons why hygiene is so important with pharmaceutical pumps. First, drugs must be pure to maintain their therapeutic effect. Contamination of medicines can lead to less effective treatments or even harmful reactions in the patient. Hygiene is therefore very important to ensure that medicines are administered to the patient in the right concentration and quality.

Second, pharmaceutical pumps can be a source of contamination because they come into direct contact with the drugs. If the pump is not used hygienically, it can become contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. This can lead to contamination of the medicines and thus to health problems for the patient.

Another reason why hygiene is important with pharmaceutical pumps is that these pumps are often in use in hospitals and other medical facilities. Here they are used for the care of patients with serious conditions, where the wrong dosage of medicines can be life-threatening. It is therefore necessary to ensure that pharmaceutical pumps are always used hygienically.

Finally, it is also important to mention that hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry is a requirement imposed by the government. There are strict guidelines and regulations to guarantee hygiene in the production and processing of medicines. This is necessary to ensure that high-quality medicines are administered to patients, giving them a better chance of a cure.

Advice and sales

The best possible solution for your application

There are many different types of pumps and just as many applications, such as a submersible, circulation or well pump. Due to this diversity of pumps, it is wise to be well informed about what type of pump is required before you purchase one or have it overhauled. The IPG team with various pump experts can always advise you on the best possible solution for your application and can also support you with the purchase and installation of the pump.

IPG has strong relationships with various pump manufacturers and can therefore give you good advice in purchasing many types and brands of pumps. For example, the Industrial Pump Group is the Dutch importer of SAER and official dealer of Lowara, Grundfos and Seepex, among others.

Customized advice and free quote within 24 hours

Requirements of a pharmaceutical pump

  • Must be suitable for sterile and hygienic use
  • Made of chemical resistant material
  • Can handle highly viscous liquids
  • Maintenance friendly

Type of pumps used in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Lobe pumps
  • Diaphragm pumps
  • Progressive Cavity pumps


Centrifugal pumps


Diaphragm pumps


Progressive Cavity Pump

Not sure which pump is required?

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The Industrial Pump Group is the specialist when it comes to pump applications, we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. IPG is an official dealer and has strong ties with various manufacturers of industrial pumps, we can supply the right industrial pump for every application in the pharmaceutical industry, but we also offer specialized maintenance services for the existing pumps.

For questions about pump applications in the pharmaceutical industry or a quote, please feel free to contact IPG via: (0251) 222 566 or info@industrialpumps.nl.

Pharmaceutical pumps

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